1. Requirements for usage

  1. URL and the admin token have to be configured in the Jira administration.
  2. The custom fields "Company, Project and Task" have to be assigned to a context and configured in the issue.
  3. The user has to configure his personal MOCO API token in his profil.

You find detailled instructions for the execution of these points on the pages Installation and Configuration.

2. Log working hours

If all requirements are completed, you will find a checkbox in the window for logging work hours which says:"transfer entry to MOCO"(orange marked).

Is the checkbox checked, your working log will be transfered to MOCO after saving it in Jira. The plugin will use the values from the custom fields (orange marked): Company, Project, Task.

2.1 Working hours conversion from Jira to MOCO

Your working hours are equal to your logged hours in Jira. Here are some examples for the conversion:

Zeitformat in Jira

Zeitformat in Moco


4h4hHours will be transfered to MOCO accordingly.
1h 30m1,5hIn Jira you have to type in single minutes. MOCO will convert them to hours.


1d describes one working day and is equal to 8h.
1h 7m1hMOCO rounds up or down to the next quarter of an hour. Up to 7 minutes will be adjusted downwards.
1h 8m1,25hStarting with 8 minutes MOCO will round up to the next quarter of an hour.
1d 2h10h

Every hour that extends one working day will be added to 8h.

2.2 Transfer of the working description

The description in MOCO will be created accordingly to the entry in your working description in Jira. If you haven't given any, the plugin will transfer the issue summary that was recorded in the ticket.

Entry in Jira

Entry in MOCO

Working description: "Problem solved"[Issue Key] Problem solved

Working description: Nothing stated

Issue Summary: Test XY

[Issue Key] Test XY

2.3 Comparison of hours in Jira and MOCO

When you reload the detailpage of the ticket after logging working hours, you will see your MOCO status (orange marked) in the tab "Work Log". 

The color of the badge indicated if the hours in Jira match the hours in MOCO. Green means that they're identical. Red means that there are variations. These variations can occure, if you edit times either in Jira or MOCO without being transfered to the other system.

2.4 Edit working hours

When you edit your Working Log in Jira you will see the same checkbox that you saw when you created your working log that say "Transfer hours to MOCO". If you check the field while editing, the changes will be also transfered to MOCO. Following details will be adjusted:

  • Company, project, taks
  • Time spent
  • Work Description respectively the Issue Summary

Changes regarding Company, Project and Task

If you change the selectfields Company, Project and Task it will initially have no impact on the hours in MOCO. To transfer the changes from Jira to MOCO you have to do the following steps:

  1. Chance Company, Project and Task.
  2. Select and edit each work log in the tab "Work Log".
  3. Just save the open window to transfer the changes.

That way you will update your worklogs in MOCO and it will adopt the new values.

2.5 Delete working hours

In your delete dialog field you will find the checkbox "Transfer to MOCO" aswell. If the field is checked and you delete your work log, the associated entry in MOCO will be deleted, too.

3. Standard Project Settings

You can set standard settings für every project. New created tickets will automatically use the recorded values as long as there is nothing else defined in the ticket. Subtask will automatically use the values from their parent task if nothing else is defined in the ticket.