1. Installation

You can install the add-on easily via the Atlassian market place. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Jira admin menue and choose add-ons (you need admin rights to do so)
  2. Log in with your admin information 
  3. Choose "Find new add-ons" from the menue on the left site to open the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM)
  4. Search the marketplace for the MOCO Time Tracking for Jira add-on.
  5. Click "Install"
  6. The add-on will now be installed automatically on your Jira license

2. Configuration

Before you can use MOCO Time Tracking for Jira you have to carry out some global settings. You will find these under Jira administration → Add-ons → MOCO settings.

  1. You need the base URL of your MOCO instance
  2. You also need the admin token of the respective user

We will show you where to find these in the following instructions:

2.1 The MOCO Base URL

The MOCO base URL is the address of your MOCO instance. Usually it's the URL of the login page without "/session/new" or any other link extensions.

2.2 The Admin Token

The admin token is the access token of a user,who has access to the customer module. Via this user the add-on will import the options for the dropdown fields "Company", "Project" and "Task". MOCO offerns no other possibilities to get to these information through the REST API. This token will only request information about the fields "Company", "Project" and "Task". There won't be any data written in the context of this user in MOCO. Nobody is able to read anything from this token through this interface. It's only possible via the database.

To retrieve the admin token, log into your MOCO profil. In your profil settings (orange square on the right top side) you will find it in the tab "Integration" in the field "Personal API Key". You have to copy the complete key and paste it in Jira.

While saving your entered data will be validated and Jira will retrieve the "Company" data. Is the process successful a green notification will be displayed, saying that your data has been saved. Otherwise you will see a red error message and you should check if your data has been entered correctly.

2.3 Custom Fields

The MOCO add-on creates 3 custom fields in Jira:

  • [MOCO] Company
  • [MOCO] Project
  • [MOCO] taks

These fields are filled with values from MOCO and can only be used in this constellation. Depending on the chosen company you can only select the corresponding projects. The same way applies for projects and tasks. To use this fields you have to create a context. You find information about how to configure a custom field in the Jira Dokumentation. You can use the fields whil creating issues, after assigning one or more projects to them.

Known Issue

Due to a known Issue with the Plugin please configure the Custom Fields in a global context.

Mit Hilfe dieser Felder steuerst du, auf welche Tätigkeit die Zeit in MOCO gebucht wird. Sind diese Felder in einem Issue nicht vorhanden oder nicht korrekt ausgewählt, funktioniert die Übertragung an MOCO nicht.

2.4 User settings

Every user who is using the MOCO add-on has to enter the following settings individually.

To use the MOCO add-on every user has to record his personal API token (same as point 2.2 The Admin Token) in his Jira profil. You will find a configuration page in your profil at the tools dropdown menue with the cog icon. On this site you can enter your personal token. Besides you can make a preselection for the checkbox "Transfer to MOCO by default". If you choose this option, the checkbox in the creating, editing and deleting windows will be checked by default.